Education System Features of the Country of The Rising Sun

Japanese schoolchildren look into a pond with fish
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The Japanese education system is one of the oldest in the world. The first mention of which dates back to the VI century. The system has not lost national identity in the education system. In general terms, education is similar to the Western system. Still, Japan has unique features.

Schools in Japan are divided into humanitarian and technical types. The following subjects are mandatory: Japanese, English, mathematics, history, physical education.

Exams at universities are held only in writing and based on the material of the entire course. Therefore, you need to prepare and repeat the material constantly. At the slightest suspicion of cheating or plagiarism, you can lose all the points earned during the year and even be expelled from the university. However, if you dream of going to study and live in Japan, remember, everything is possible. And if you need help in training and writing any kind of work, contact the specialists of Schreib es Mir.

Admission to a Japanese higher education institution itself is divided into two stages:

tests and pencil
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Stage 1

All students take the same exams in January. They pass exams in the form of tests where you need to fill in the correct answer with a pencil. The tasks themselves are quite intricate, with very long answer options, which, at first glance, all seem correct. You need to think carefully before choosing an answer.

Stage 2

The second exam is the university exam itself, that is, you go to the university you are going to and take exams there. They are usually difficult, especially if it is a public university. These exams are completely written. That is, without options for the answer, you need to write everything yourself. And sometimes, the tasks may even be without the correct answer, they may consist of university research, and you have to write assumptions about what the outcome of these studies will be, etc.

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A huge advantage of many universities in Japan is that an educational institution in its senior years is looking for jobs for its students. The rating of the university depend on this.

Studying in Japan for citizens of other countries is not a dream, but a very real prospect.