Teenagers do not always understand what a profession is. They have a superficial, blurry idea on this score. You need to study somewhere, to go somewhere after school. Few take the matter seriously. But even then there is a chance to make a mistake, because teenagers do not have enough skills and knowledge. That’s why think in advance and visit alle-ausbildungsstellen.de to make the right choice.

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How you shouldn’t choose a profession

  • For the convenience of the location of the educational institution.
  • Together with friends or loved one.
  • By prestige.
  • At the request of the parents.
  • According to childish ill-conceived dreams.

These factors should not be taken into account. Look deeper.

What you should look at when choose a profession

Choose one on your own skills and abilities: what works well and for tastes and preferences. You need to evaluate how constant they are, how often they changed, what activities you like in life.

You need to look to the future and find out what salary the position promises. How will you live. At the same time, do not take into account possible help from relatives, do not take into account the possibility of marriage. There is only you and this profession. Can you live with this budget? Do you have enough for your dreams?

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Here are three pillars on which the choice of profession rests:

  • innate abilities;
  • addictions;
  • perspective.

From here you need to push back. But there are many more nuances. Remember: psychologists advise changing the type of activity every 7 years – people do not always work in their specialty.

Higher education opens more doors than secondary education. Do not forget that you can graduate but not get a job in this field. Sometimes parents and teachers really know better, ask their advice.