Which University in Japan to Study to Become a Developer?

Study to Become a Developer
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Japan has the largest number of Nobel Prize laureates than other Asian countries. This indicator may indicate a high level of education, which is required for any specialty, especially for computer science.

Working as a developer in Japan

Working as a developer in Japan
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Besides the fact that you can easily find the best information technology schools, this is how you can find a job. It is an ideal environment for programmers, designers and engineers.

Each of these sectors employs a large number of talented people. Many companies use the services of companies like wecreateproblems.com to hire the employee they need faster. The employer in the program can configure the necessary parameters of the candidate and when passing the test, the program will tell you whether it is worth conducting a further interview with this person or not.

As for the language, both Japanese and English are spoken in such companies.

The best Computer Science schools

  • Osaka University
Osaka University
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At Osaka University, you will be able to gain knowledge on the basics of computer science, as well as design and develop an information system, studying theoretical disciplines that require it. Also study computer architecture, bioinformatics, digital circuit design and mobile Internet of Things networks.

After graduation, many other students work in the electronic, computer industries.

Osaka University ranks first among computer science schools in Japan.

  • Kyoto University
Kyoto University
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Such a developed research system, the flexibility of educational programs and a large number of titled professors allow the institution to take second place in the international rankings of Asian universities and twenty-sixth in the world ranking of the most prestigious universities in the world.

  • Tohoku University

The work of Tohoku University is based on the principles of practical education and maximum research development.

The University consists of five campuses and includes numerous academic departments. Future specialists in the field of robotics and artificial intelligence study at the Department of Robotics within the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. Students from different countries choose this faculty to study modern technologies on which robotics of the future will be built: from auxiliary robots for everyday assistance to people to “smart homes” and “smart cities” that will transform our planet.

Under the supervision of first-class Japanese and foreign professors, students of the faculty study such disciplines as system and industrial robotics, neuro-robotics, the creation of robots with artificial intelligence, molecular robotics, integration of smart systems, etc.