Japan is always at the forefront of education and with Sony Global Education, Inc., introduces a new service for managing transcripts and scores through a digital platform: Blockchain. The whole world is going gaga over blockchain technology and for good reason. It is secure, it increases transparency, provides accurate tracking, cost reduction and is considered to be some kind of a permanent ledger.

You can read the explained blockchain technology (at Cryptoncy.net). But now let us see what are the advantages of using blockchain technology in education.
There are experts who believe that blockchain technology is the future, and when it comes to the education sector, it becomes the future of maintaining and managing transcripts and high-security data. In other words, the blockchain in education creates a platform to store and share learning data safely. Today, Sony Global Education, Inc. has a goal to demonstrate the use of blockchain for the maintenance of “Next Generation of School ICT Environment” for the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications in Japan.

Sony Global Education, Inc. introduces the world of education to a completely new network where individual performance data in educational services is valuable as personal credit information. Blockchain technology is aimed to provide the secure authentication of the transcript, so the examiner will be able to manage their data and share it with others safely. The company also states that there will be some further developments.

Today, the company stores transcripts of the participants from the 5th Global Math Challenge – a worldwide math competition held online and hosted by Sony Global Education, Inc., exactly on their educational blockchain.

Sony Global Education, Inc. provides its users with some great services such as Global Math Challenge and KOOV – the connected robotics kit for tomorrow’s innovators. These services are available on desktops, mobiles, smartphones, and tablets. The company believes that everyone should be able to access high quality online educational services, so they are easy to use whether you have the fastest online connection or something a little more modest. To learn more about Sony Global Education, Inc., visit its official website.